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Selling The Biz was started to help you learn everything you need to know to sell your online business.

Whether you want to sell a website, an ecommerce business, an Amazon FBA business, or a YouTube channel, we will help you to see what it takes to make a profitable exit.

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Case Studies

To help you understand what is possible when selling an online business, we have hundreds of in-depth case studies of online businesses. Some that have already sold and others that have not sold yet, but we look at what they might sell for. Use these case studies to help inspire you to take action and build your online business to these same levels.

More About Us

My name is Scott based out of Plymouth, MI. My team and I here at Selling The Biz have one goal and that is to help you learn how to start and grow and sell your business.

Our main focus is to dig deep into what makes a blog, ecommerce store, YouTube channel or any business successful and how to exit for maximum profits.

A Bit About Me


I have been an online entrepreneur and in the digital marketing space for nearly 25 years and a self employed business owner for over 30 years. In these 25 years of being an internet entrepreneur, I have built and developed over 30 online businesses.

My first website was a very niche site that allowed writers to post their own content. At that time I didn’t know much about choosing the right niche or even how to do niche analysis. I developed the site because I wasn’t a writer myself and I thought this would be a way to allow users to publish their own content and for writers to get exposure.

It took a few years but the site started to grow quickly and soon became the top site in its very small niche. With thousands of writers joining the site, the amount of content being published was quite large and traffic grew quickly as a result. I also learned at that time how to monetize the site and the income grew as well.

I ran the site with a small team for over 10 years and it produced a full time income. In 2012, I finally decided to sell it through the website brokerage Website Properties. This was my first taste of the type of money that could be made selling a website.

On top of this, I have sold 17 other businesses including a large 7 figure exit for my multi-million dollar Amazon FBA brand that I developed.

Besides the sale of my Amazon FBA business, I have sold 17 other online businesses including several niche based authority sites. My most recent sale was a website that I sold for $350,000 after less than one and half years of working on it.

After 25 years in digital marketing, having successfully built membership sites, niche affiliate sites, ecommerce sites and blogs, I finally decided to teach others how to achieve this same success.

Our Team

Below you can learn more about some of our team members that make this site operate.

Marife L.


Marife has her Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering. She worked as an industrial engineer for over 16 years. Today, she works with Scott on their various online businesses as an advisor and researcher. During this time she has also been building and running her own blog.

Brittany Collens


Brittany Collens graduated from UMass, Amherst with a bachelors in journalism with a concentration in sports. At UMass, she worked as a writer and editor for The Daily Collegian, a student run newspaper. She also worked in media content relations as a profile writer and creative content assistant.

After graduated she worked as a Freelancer on Upwork quickly becoming a top writer. She also has individual clients as well as a book-writing business.